​712 North Inc. is a Silicon Valley-style pharmaceutical company in the heart of San Francisco. We are devoted to the innovation of new therapies and drugs for rare and major neurodegenerative diseases making a difference for the blind. 


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We have built a strong team of scientists and entrepreneurs to make this venture a success. Our team is complemented by mentors and advisors with expertise in drug development, drug delivery, and clinical trial design.

We are part of a larger network of strategic alliances between biotech companies, patient organizations, and academic institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. For selected programs in our pipeline we are interested in discussing co-development, partial or global in- and out-licensing. 

525 Nelson Rising Ln #712
San Francisco, CA-94158, U.S.A.
+1 (415) 489-8995

Our goal is to build a drug-development and preclinical testing platform for neurodegeneration. Growth and de-risking strategies include expanding our pipeline of investigational product candidates and contract research with strategic partners.